50% off your second stream overlays package

50% off your second stream overlays package

Stream Overlays from the Award Winning Team CodeNerd

Optimized for


Get 100s of epic stream overlays, Twitch alerts, emotes for Twitch and more to upgrade your channel. With instant download & optimized for OBS, Streamlabs & StreamElements.


Our expert design team has helped 500+ creators step up their game with unique custom stream overlays. Join the Lab to start your own custom project!

Production Value

Upgrade your stream production with one of our premade stream overlays packages or chat with our team about the custom project you've had on your mind for a while.

Up Your Engagement

Grab one of our Twitch alert packages from our stream overlays store, or speak to our team about ways we can help you to hit your channel goals with custom designs.

Make it easy

Our stream overlays come with 1 click-setup for OBS, Streamlabs & StreamElements. Upgrade your Twitch channel in minutes or let our coding team do the hard work for you.


Stream Overlays

Stream Overlays


Over 500 Stream Overlays Upgraded

Best In Class Design Team

Our designers are the best the industry offers. Check out our portfolio to see our recent work from unique brand designs to 3D animated stream overlays.

Proven Design Sprint Process

With 5 years of refinement, our sprint process has been designed to give you complete control over your stream overlays package and delivery.

Professional Communication

Have direct contact with our expert design team throughout your project in the CODENERD Discord to give you full control over your custom project.


Esports and gaming brands


Stream Overlays Tutorials


Optimized Stream Overlays



From the latest live streaming & gaming news to our upcoming events, the Hub is your resource for all things content creation and technical support. Find out more about “The Reactor” educational networking events and how you can apply for the CodeNerd Creator Grant!

Frequently Asked Questions

CodeNerd is an award winning design studio that specialises in custom stream overlays, & premade Twitch overlays & stream overlays.

CodeNerd Labs hosts the custom stream overlay design aspect of the CodeNerd brand, & CodeNerd Elements features our premade stream overlay packages.

CodeNerd designs feature stream & marketing solutions to increasing your engagement & production value of your channel with stream overlay upgrades – ranging from Unreal Engine specialist environments, to custom stream overlay rebrands, to individual stream based assets.

CodeNerd is an expert team in stream design, marketing & streamer education. Featuring an experienced team in graphic design, 3D design, illustrative design, as well as marketing, social media, & streamer based knowledge & resources.

CodeNerd Labs & CodeNerd Elements specialise in custom stream overlay designs, premade stream overlay packages, & streamer based education & events.

To see the hundreds of custom stream overlay projects we have completed so far, head to our Portfolio.

To view our premade stream overlay packages & Twitch overlays & more, visit our Elements Store

Wanting to start your own journey with custom stream overlays & custom Twitch overlays? – visit our Labs page.

Need support with your Stream Overlays?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for from our FAQs & resource page you can contact us directly about your stream overlays. Jump into the CodeNerd Elements Discord and we’ll be happy to work with you to get you set up in OBS Studio, Streamlabs and StreamElements.

Contact Us About Your Stream Overlays

Click the link below to fill out a contact form and we’ll do our best to be back in touch as soon as we can about any questions you might have about our stream overlays and setup for OBS Studio, Streamlabs and StreamElements.

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